About Us

Get to know about us and how we are making the TCM Clinic a Better Place with SmartZhongYi TCM Software.
Bevootech is a leading software technology and CRM consulting company founded in 2014. The founders bring in 20 over years of technology consulting experience in varied industries.

Through careful study of productivity gaps in Traditional Chinese Medicine Clinics (TCM), SMARTZHONGYI has been built to enhance productivity for TCM Clinics through web and mobile technologies.

SMARTZHONGYI helps TCM Clinics better manage the entire operation from appointments, patient profiles, patient medical history, prescriptions, inventory, sales and expenses. SMARTZHONGYI supports both Chinese and English users, easily able to change language from English to Chinese in one click. SMARTZHONGYI runs on any Windows PC, Apple Mac and even the iPad. Deployment options are flexible be it public cloud, private cloud and on-premise.

Today, Bevootech is still working closely with TCM Clinics and physicians to continuously enhance SMARTZHONGYI. The goal for SMARTZHONGYI is to be the most user-friendly and comprehensive TCM Clinic Management Software in the world.

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