In the Doctor Screen page, under Medical Record, Physicians have the ability to create and update the case note template. It helps to capture the medical record for today.
Click on the ‘+’ button
点击 “+”。

You will see the ‘Create’ and ‘Update’ button.

If you would like to create a New Template, type in the ‘Title’ and ‘Description’ according to your clinic template. Once done, click ‘Create’

The case note template that you have just created will appear on the drop-down list. Click ‘Insert’ to use it.
您刚刚创建的案例笔记模板将出现在下拉列表中。点击 “插入”以使用它。
To update existing a case note template:

Click on ‘+’
点击 “+”

Update the case note template description to the latest version. Select the template that you want to update in the drop-down list. Once done, click ‘Update’.
将描述更新为最新版本。在下拉列表中选择要更新的模板。完成后,点击 “更新”。
Now you are ready to use the newly created or updated case note template.

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